• Enterprise Kitchen Team

A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Brain

After a brief hiatus Foodie Talks resumed this Tuesday and we were joined by Ben, founder of Bottle Brush Ferments.

With an emphasis on producing live, raw and rich foods, Bottle Brush Ferments was born. It took a year from incorporation before selling their first jar, a year during which they had tried and tested, asking friends and family for their feedback. They settled on bringing 3 products to market which mimicked the red light system. Although feedback from friends and family was positive, in order to gain unbiased opinions of their product, they gave out jars across London for free.

To start with as they still produced at home, Bottle Brush sold their products at farmers markets across London as well as Ben reaching out to shops nearby his home where he had built up relationships and bought from himself. They now boast 30 shops and cafes across London and surrounding areas. One of the main business goals was to get stocked in Whole Foods and Planet Organic which they have successfully managed to do. You can find Bottle Brush Ferments products across 5 Whole Foods Shops.

A couple of key point that Ben made was to make the most of grants and business programmes and utilise all that you can. Second was that nobody can sell your product better then you and it’s key to meet as many people as you can. In this vein Ben still works at the market stalls that Bottle Brush has a presence at.

It was clear from hearing Ben speak how much knowledge and passion he has about the business and what he does. It was fascinating to just hear a snippet of information about how much gut health can impact everything else in the body. If you want to work on having a healthier gut, click the picture below to find out where you can get your hands on a jar of sauerkraut or kimchi.