• Enterprise Kitchen Team

Foodie Talks - Take 2 with Butter Nut of London

Last Tuesday, we hosted our 2nd Foodie Talk event and we were joined by Business Launchpad alumni Zoe. Zoe is the founder of Butter Nut of London, offering a luxurious and organic range of nut butters. Zoe captured the attention of our attendees as she took us through the stages of growth for her business so far.

Some of the key take away points Zoe made –

  • From the beginning she knew that she wanted her product to be at the luxury end of the market

  • Budget is important so keep a keen eye on your cash flow - "Cash Is King"

  • When starting the business, Zoe knew that she couldn’t buy from top end suppliers due to the high cost of nuts, so she shopped local to support fellow small businesses in her local area

  • When producing an organic product, it is important to know the origin of your raw materials

  • Figure out the must haves for your business against your "likes" to have, your likes to have wouldn’t hinder the running of your business

  • When working with co manufacturers – Do your due diligence, do a trial run of the minimum order to see how the product comes out, be present at the factory whilst your product/s are in production

  • Nobody sells your product better then you!

We are so happy that there seems to be a genuine interest in these talks and hope that we can continue to play host to more inspiring entrepreneurs. We will be announcing our next two talks shortly so keep an eye on our Instagram @enterprisekitchen