• Enterprise Kitchen Team

Juici Jerk x Foodie Talks

Well our first Foodie Talk was so much more then I could have hoped for. We had a small group but as Kajal so brilliantly put it, we have to start somewhere.

Troy and Jarrell speak with such ease, it is a pleasure to listen to them talk about their journey so far.

It is obvious to see what a good rapport they have which no doubt is a contributing factor to their success so far. The brothers mentioned that this far in, they both feel they know each others strengths and weaknesses. Despite losing a business partner during the early stages of Juici Jerk, they knew there was a choice to be made about continuing with the business but losing one person didn't mean the journey should stop there.

Troy and Jarrell said that food has always played a part in their lives and Juici Jerk really is a family operation. From starting in the kitchen of their family home where they took over to now having a commercial kitchen, family still has a big role to play. With help from their mum and aunt on the cooking side of things as well as their younger sister being a paid employee.

They mentioned that they have also had a strong work ethic instilled in them throughout their lives, which only goes to show that hard work does pay off.

From the beginning of their business where they would broadcast their menu(written on the notes of their phone) via Snapchat, Juici Jerk now does most of it business via food delivery platforms. However the brothers do think that social media plays a big part in what they're doing with Troy still running the Juici Jerk Instagram. They also mentioned that they notice a surge in orders when they concentrate a bit more on posting what they are doing.

Customer service also plays a big role in the business, something that both of them said are one of the Juici Jerk values. As they grow they have now made a point of holding mandatory meetings with their employees to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals and keeping the customer experience at the forefront of what they do.

What about plans for the future? Well it is clear to see just from the Juici Jerk Instagram all the exciting things that they are taking part in but the bigger picture is to eventually have multiple Juici Jerk sites with the option of customers being able to sit in. Nandos better watch out!